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Dominique Harvey

Principal and Director

Dominique leads the Elliott & Harvey team with confidence and know how. As an experienced general practice lawyer, she provides oversight and guidance on all areas of practice.

Dominique is committed to achieving the best outcome for each and every client. Dominique is dynamic, determined and finds solutions to even the most complex of cases and disputes. She is inquisitorial and digs deep to clearly understand her clients’ goals and guide them in pursuing the best path forward. Dominique takes her clients’ goals as her own. She backs her clients, puts herself in their shoes, identifies the core issues and provides value for money solutions.

Dominique’s ethos is fearlessness – to soldier on to achieve goals and provide clients with a sense of empowerment and confidence in the resolution of their matter.

Dominique is passionate in her role leading the team and building a community of clients who feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the firm. She is an optimist who enjoys learning and does not shy away from difficult problems. She strongly believes each experience is an opportunity to learn and evolve in her legal practice.

Dominique takes immense pride in continuing on the Elliott & Harvey legacy, having succeeded the firm from her father, Michael Harvey in 2013 and taking the firm to its 45 year milestone in December 2020. Many clients of Elliott & Harvey have been with the firm for decades, with many client families being multi-generational. When clients deal with Dominique, they deal with someone who is passionate about the history and ethos of the firm. Dominique brings Michael’s warmth, empathy, understanding, kindness and respect to clients. She also continues on the firm’s long history of supporting the local community, partnering with schools and community groups to provide sponsorship and work experience opportunities in Brisbane’s south.

Dominique holds a Bachelor of Laws and International Business from Griffith University, gaining admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2010. Dominique has participated in scholared exchange programs at Wuhan University, China and Lund University, Sweden.

Areas of Practice:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Disputes
  • Family
  • Commercial

Favourite Quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

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Contact: dominique@ehlaw.com.au

Lawyers Southside Brisbane

David Taplin

Lawyer and Consultant

David works across the areas of Commercial Disputes and Corporate and Commercial Law.

David is collaborative, results focused and tactical. He provides oversight and leadership across all areas of practice. He has the confidence, know-how and experience to navigate obstacles to find solutions to the most complex of problems. David is engaging and personable with his clients, building rapport with a diverse range of parties – from large corporations to family businesses. David provides clear, direct advice that takes clients on the journey and gets them the best results. He prides himself on his high standards of quality, attention to detail and determination to overcome obstacles.

David’s ethos is to tackle challenges head on and form a strong team together with his clients. David is not afraid of any problem, providing leadership and certainty and empowering his clients to achieve their goals. David operates with the principles of reliability, delivery and value for money.

David’s particular areas of interest and expertise are corporate governance and his specialist industry experience including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, technology and education. David was Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Macarthur Minerals Limited, an ASX and Toronto Stock Exchange listed resource company.

David has held senior executive positions for ASX, Toronto Stock Exchange listed companies and Government Owned Corporations including as CEO, Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel, Company Secretary and in Corporate Development.

David is an expert in advising listed company boards having been a director and secretary of numerous listed companies. David is experienced in managing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, capital raisings, joint ventures, corporate finance transactions and corporate governance.   David is currently a director of Isis Sugar Mill Co. Ltd and The Springfield Anglican College.

David draws on his extensive company networks to bring in expertise no matter how complex the problem. David’s vast experience means there are very few company disputes that David has not seen, navigated and resolved.

David holds a Bachelor of Laws (QUT), Grad Dip Business Management (QUT), MBA (AGSM UNSW), Grad Dip Applied Corporate Governance (GIA), CPA, Chartered Secretary, FCIS and was admitted into the Supreme Court of Queensland and High and Federal Courts of Australia in 1992.


Experience, Qualifications and Achievements

  • Being an in-house lawyer at Arthur Andersen advising on one of the largest receiverships in Europe
  • Managing one of Brisbane’s largest banking and finance practices
  • Being a senior executive at Energex
  • Completing transactions for mergers and acquisitions for Energex’s strategic growth
  • Being the first CFO and Secretary of Jumbo Interactive Ltd
  • Being the CEO of Macarthur Minerals Ltd
  • Completing a $50M bought deal syndicated by Macquarie Bank, Stifel Nicholaus and TD Securities
  • Independent Director of ISIS Central Sugar Mill Co. Ltd

Areas of Practice:

  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Corporate Governance
  • Property
  • Family Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Insolvency
  • All Areas

Favourite Quote: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” – Thomas Jefferson

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Contact: david@ehlaw.com.au

Lawyers Mount Gravatt

Tamara Bradley


Tamara is an experienced general practice lawyer who works across the areas of Property, Commercial, Wills and Estates.

Tamara is efficient, results driven and approachable. She prides herself on her ability to put herself in her clients’ shoes, listen to them, offer understanding and work with them to reach positive solutions. With over 34 years experience practising law, Tamara has navigated a broad range of problems. Her ethos is that every problem has a solution – no problem is too big or too small.

Tamara exudes a calm confidence and is personable and easy to talk to. She delivers to clients cost-effective strategies that make legal processes easy to navigate. Tamara has a particular interest in property development and assisting small businesses in operational matters and general commercial transactions. Tamara has a sustained passion for practising law and is continuously learning and evolving.

Tamara holds a Bachelor of Laws and completed a six year article clerkship.  She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1993.

Areas of Practice:

  • Commercial
  • Property
  • Leasing
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration

Favourite Quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

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Contact: tamara@ehlaw.com.au

Mount Gravatt Lawyers

Sandra Kelly


Sandra is an experienced family law solicitor who guides her clients every step of the way, delivering on a clear plan of action.

Sandra is a skilled problem solver. She prides herself on acting with empathy and understanding to guide clients through what is a complex legal system. Sandra is pragmatic and gives her clients peace of mind, offering strategic solutions across a broad range of legal matters.

With over 12 years’ experience practicing law, Sandra has navigated a broad range of issues including in Recovery Orders, domestic violence hearings, parenting matters, wills and estates and commercial property matters. Her ethos is to act with empathy and understanding to resolve timely and cost-effective solutions.

Sandra is passionate about the practice of law and genuinely cares for her clients, with a goal to reduce stress in navigating the family law system.

Sandra holds a Master of Laws (Family Law), a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and a Practical Legal Training certificate. Sandra has undertaken the QLS Practitioners’ Management Course and training for an Independent Children’s Solicitor. She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2010.

Areas of Practice:

  • Family Law

Favourite Quote: “The best laid schemes of mice and men” - Robert Burns

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Contact: sandra@ehlaw.com.au

Brisbane Lawyers

Kara Burgess


Kara works across the areas of Personal Injuries, Commercial and Civil Litigation and Family Law.

Kara is tenacious, compassionate and dedicated to serving her clients’ best interests. She is a personable, straightforward communicator who gets to the crux of problems and finds positive solutions. Kara is calm and composed and provides her clients with confidence in the process and a clear direction to resolve their legal matters.

Kara is passionate about supporting people through difficult times and helping them achieve a sense of relief and peace of mind. She has a wealth of experience achieving settlements beneficial to her clients and has been involved in a number of complex Supreme and District Court trials. Her ethos is that there is no case too difficult to pursue – from novel scenarios like dividing a deceased person’s ashes and accessing international family trusts, to retaining wall, franchise and high profile property disputes – Kara works with her clients to get matters resolved.

Kara holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Science from Griffith University. Kara was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in X2009

Areas of Practice:

  • Personal Injuries
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Family Law

Favourite Quote: “Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible” – Mandy Hale

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Contact: kara@ehlaw.com.au

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Aaron Abraham


Aaron practices in the areas of Family Law, Wills and Estates and Commercial Law.

Aaron has a warm and friendly nature. He listens to his clients, putting himself in their shoes to understand and anticipate issues and problems. He outlines to clients all the options available to them to arrive at the best possible solution.

Aaron is approachable, personable and passionate about the practice of law. Aaron has a particular passion in Family Law and in matters involving children who are implicated in the legal system, providing a reliable and safe space to act in the interests of vulnerable young people.

Aaron is a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, with a willingness to learn about people from all backgrounds and walks of life. He provides a safe space for clients to receive legal advice and he understands that people experience unique circumstances requiring unique solutions.

Aaron works with the intention to provide to clients an exceptional level of legal care and compassion to ensure their best interests in the legal system.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Queensland University of Technology. He was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2020.

Areas of Practice:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning

Favourite Quote: “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law” – Romans 13:8

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Contact: aaron@ehlaw.com.au

Lawyers near Brisbane

Lisa Zimmerman


Lisa leads the conveyancing section, managing hundreds of property transactions each year.

Lisa is prompt, reliable and efficient. She operates with rigor and attention to detail, helping clients navigate what can be a daunting process of purchasing or selling property. Lisa is calm and composed and genuinely cares for each and every client. Lisa’s ethos is to treat her clients the way she would like to be treated and to achieve an easy, stress free settlement. Lisa has strong relationships in her dealings with a range of lenders, financial institutions, real estate agents and other conveyancers.

Lisa has managed thousands of property purchases and sales over her 32 year career in the legal profession. Lisa always stays one step ahead in the process, predicting and mitigating delaying factors before they occur and ensuring a smooth transaction. Lisa has been a conveyancer at Elliott and Harvey for more than 20 years and has built a strong and loyal client base.

Areas of Practice:

  • Conveyancing

Favourite Quote: “Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given” – Hussein Nishah

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Contact: lisa@ehlaw.com.au


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